day 1

20 Sep
My PR 324 class is lucky enough to be partnered with a national company SCVNGR.  One of our many assignments through the class is to blog about SCVNGR and our experiences.
—SCVNGR is a casual, mobile, social game.  It uses geo-location or geo-tracking ad is attached to other social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter.
Founded in 2008 by Seth Priebatson while attending Princeton.  SCVNGR has client ranging from national brands like the New England Patriots, New York Times, and Journey’s to local businesses like the San Diego Zoo, Mary Kay, and the Hard Rock Café Philadelphia.  SCVNGR has even reached college campuses across the country, with over 350 universities currently using SCVNGR as a recruitment and retention tool.
Rewards are a crucial part of the SCVNGR experience.  Customers go to their favorite establishment, do challenges, share their experience with friends on Facebook and Twitter, earn points and unlock rewards.  After the customer accumulates a certain amount of points they earn a reward, such as a 10% off one item their next visit.
My group, KELT Co. PR, was assigned the retail businesses in the Morgantown market.  We will be working alongside the retail businesses to come up with the SCVNGR challenges right for their establishment.  Hopefully, the end results will help our clients gain valuable, loyal customers that keep coming back!

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